Unlimited Monthly Membership



Our monthly membership includes unlimited access to our bootcamp classes offered seven days a week. We design workouts that can accommodate any fitness level. Our trainers focus on observing each individual during classes to ensure clients are getting the most effective workout possible. Most importantly, we emphasize offering a strong support group to answer questions and provide motivation.


Fit in Six



Our Fit in Six program provides the tools necessary to lose twenty pounds or more in six weeks. We give you the workouts. We give you the nutrition. We give you the support and motivation. We guarantee that these three things will make you succeed. Come try our Fit in Six program where you can lose 20 pounds and get closer to your fitness goals for free!


Lean Out

Lean Out is a three week program focusing on toning up and getting lean. This program is geared towards individuals who want to get more muscle definition. It includes 2 personal training sessions per week and a meal plan.


10 Pound Challenge

The 10 Pound Challenge is a one month program for those interested in losing 10 pounds and toning up. You are given a detailed meal plan and workout with us 5 days a week for one month to lose 10 pounds or more.